Kenyataan Media - Perkhidmatan Tren KTM Intercity Sektor Pantai Timur Mula Beroperasi Secara Berperingkat. Read More

KTM Intercity melalui perkhidmatan Electric Train Service (ETS) menyediakan perkhidmatan tren ETS Ekspres dan ETS Transit di sektor Utara. Read More

Perlaksanaan Caj Pentadbiran Kepada Penggunaan e Ticket dan KTM MobTicket bermula 1 JULAI 2015. Read More

Kenyataan Media mengenai Jadual Waktu KTM Komuter yang baharu. Read More

Kenyataan Media Perkhidmatan Tren Ulang Alik (Shuttle) KTM Intercity antara JB Sentral - Woodlands bermula 1 Julai 2015. Read More

KTMB and The Haven offers an opportunity for the lucky passengers to experience a stay at The Haven Luxury Resort, the five star hotel surrounded by the beauty of the limestone hill. Travel & Stay Green Campaign begins on June 15 ,2015 until August 15, 2015 by offering 120 stays voucher at The Haven Luxury Resort, Ipoh. Check your ticket now and make sure you do not miss a chance to be one of the lucky winners! Read More

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