Train services

"We are the only provider..."

Fastest meter gauge train service in Malaysia that currently operates along the electrified and double-tracked stretch of the west coast line..

Travel up to 140 km/h (87 mph) and a world record breaker as the only inter-city rail line train using 1,000 mm (3ft. 3 3/8 in) track diameter.

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"Connecting people in a distinctive way..."

The diesel locomotive train that covers a large area within the Peninsular with daily trips from Kuala Lumpur.

Services operate along east coast line to southern line between Tumpat to Gemas and down to Singapore.

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"Country's pioneer rail provider..."

Introduced in 1995 to provide local rail services in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding Klang Valley suburban areas.

The service was then introduced in the northern Peninsular Malaysia states of Kedah, Perak and Pulau Pinang in September 2015 after the completion of the Ipoh-Padang Besar Electrification and Double-Tracking Project.

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"Connecting you to the terminal in style..."

The Skypark Link is a train service that connects you to the Skypark Terminal Subang Airport.

This is yet another option for travelers as well as for those who are living and working at or near the Skypark Terminal.

Sets of 3 coaches with more than 30 trips per day at 60 minutes intervals & maximum speed of 100 km/h

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Start building a reliable way to connect with people

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