For travellers that frequently travel by train, Gemas is definitely one of the stops that you will not want to miss out on. Despite not being located in major cities like Kuala Lumpur, Gemas retains a special position in the Malaysian locomotive scene as an interchange hub. As with most other major railway stations in the country, the Gemas railway station also has a long history with it being built in 1922.

It serves a special purpose by functioning as a railway junction that connects the West-Coast Line with the East-Coast line. This makes Gemas a busy stop despite being a relatively small and quiet town. Both the West-Coast and East-Coast lines serve as the backbone for locomotive transportation in Peninsular Malaysia.


Compared to the dazzling lights of Kuala Lumpur’s urban skyline, Gemas by comparison is a modest town that still retains much of its quiet charm. While in Gemas, travellers get to see buildings that date back to pre-independence Malaysia. For travellers making transit at Gemas, stop by nearby food stalls and restaurant to get a taste of some authentic local food.

Regardless if you are visiting Gemas for the local attractions or making a two hour stop for transit, you can always purchase your tickets with our online e-ticketing platform or mobile application. Being a major railway junction for interstate train travel, advanced ticket bookings are recommended if you wish to take the ETS from KL Sentral to Gemas especially during holidays and festive seasons.

Type of Ticket Duration Booking
ETS Gold -(EG) 2h 35m Make A Booking
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