Kampar was once one of the most prominent tin-mining towns in the past. Other than being home to major tin miners back then, the town was also a frequent stop for travellers to make rest while on the road. After the completion of the North-South Expressway, the town experienced a decline in visitors due to the highway’s convenience.

However, nowadays Kampar is best known for housing the TAR University and TAR College as well as having some of the best Chinese food available nationwide. With ETS, travellers are now given the option of travelling via ETS from KL Sentral to Kampar.


Serving some of the best claypot chicken rice and curry chicken buns in the country, many tourists now flock to Kampar to have a taste of its authentic and delicious food. Enjoy chee cheong fun with curry as a condiment, or slurp down on the famous fish ball noodles. The renowned “chicken biscuits” are simply phenomenal and has even generated several brands that sell the delicious confectionary. With a significant student population, many modern hipster cafés are also popping up around town. Other than food, Kampar also has several notable tourist spots for Insta-loving travellers. Visit the University Square at Castle Avenue or tour around town for a glimpse of the many old buildings. Nature lovers can even visit ReFarm that offers activities like jungle trekking, rubber tapping, a mini petting zoo and more!

For travellers wanting to visit Kampar, take the ETS from KL Sentral to Kampar for a fast and comfortable ride. Get your tickets now with our online e-ticketing platform or mobile application.

Type of Ticket Duration Booking
ETS Platinum -(EP) 2h 06m Make A Booking
ETS Gold -(EG) 2h 12m Make A Booking
ETS Silver -(ES) 2h 25m Make A Booking
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