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Soalan Lazim MobTicket

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  • What is KTMB MobTicket?
    KTMB MobTicket is a mobile application used for the purchase of tickets for train services of the National Railways (Malaysia) namely KTM Intercity and ETS. This is made possible by using an application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone or any gadget used for communication that has an Anroid and IOS software system.
  • What is the difference between the KTMB MobTicket and the Regular/Conventional Ticket?
    Unlike the regular/conventional ticket, the KTMB MobTicket is an authentic ticket that is automatically downloaded onto a smartphone and can be stored as a document (pdf/jpeg) and this can be displayed on the smartphone screen or any other gadget i.e. tablet, laptop or other forms of communication tools that have a screen that supports an Android and IOS software system. The KTMB MobTicket does not have to be printed as in the case of the regular/conventional ticket that is purchased at ticket counters, through telephone booking or through the web. The Mobile ticket is accepted as an authentic ticket at the departure point and on board the train when checked by the train crew.
  • How to Upload the KTMB MobTicket application?
    Android System - Locate KTMB MobTicket App at Playstore - Upload the application onto the smartphone IOS System - Locate KTMB MobTicket App at Appstore - Upload the application onto the smartphone.
  • Can the KTMB MobTicket be downloaded onto any type of smartphone?
    Yes, it can as long as it is supported by an Android or IOS system.
  • How is the KTMB MobTicket reservation made?
    Step 1 : Download the KTMB MobTicket App from Playstore for smartphone (Android) and from Appstore for i-phone users.
    Step 2 : Register as User by following the steps required Step
    3: Make the ticket purchase using the steps given
    Step 4: Make payment using the Visa or Master credit card or using direct banking
    Step 5: Save the purchased ticket to the smartphone
    Step 6: Logout once transaction is complete.
  • Is there a fare difference between the KTMB MobTicket and other tickets?
    There is no difference in fare for tickets purchased using the KTMB MobTicket application in comparison to those tickets purchased at ticket counters, E-ticket through the web, advance purchase or purchase made through telephone/email bookings.
  • Can I purchase both ETS and Intercity Tickets using the KTMB MobTicket Application?
    It is limited to two (2) tickets per transaction
  • Can I choose my seats?
  • Am I required to get an authentic ticket at the counter?
    No, unless the following situation prevails:- a) If you face battery problems (battery is weak) using your smartphone or other communication gadget b) If you have left behind your smartphone or gadget, or you have lost it, or you experience a difficulty accessing it at the point of departure. With that, the ticket has to be printed by the KTMB staff at the ticket counter as proof and authentication to travel.
  • Can I make changes to the date of travel or Cancel the KTMB MobTicket?
    Yes, changes and refund of tickets can be made at KTMB ticket counters based on the existing terms and conditions.
  • When can I purchase KTMB MobTickets?
    KTMB MobTickets can be purchased 30 days in advance from the date of travel up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.
  • Is the KTMB MobTicket disabled friendly?
    This application cannot be used by the visually impaired/blind as the KTMB MobTicket can only display information on the screen and is not supported by a Voice instruction.
  • How are the KTMB MobTickets checked at the point of departure and on board the train?
    The Ticket Checking Officer at the point of departure and on board the train is supplied with the Passengers List/Coach Configuration for reference.
  • What will happen if a passenger is unable to produce the KTMB MobTicket when inspection is being made on board the train?
    When a passenger is unable to produce the KTMB MobTicket weather on the smartphone or in the form of a printed ticket, the passenger is required to pay the full fare plus a surcharge in order to continue the journey with no guaranteed seat on the train.
  • What do I have to do in the event where the transaction has been successful but the ticket is not uploaded onto the smartphone?
    You are required to report the matter to the KTMB Call Center at 1-300-88-KTMB (5862) or email to callcenter@ktmb.com.my. KTMB will than proceed to instruct the bank to make a refund and credit it into the customer’s account.
  • Can I purchase a KTMB MobTicket on behalf of someone else?
    Yes, you can. The name of passenger and identity card number/passport number has to be filled in correctly to avoid any form of confusion at the point of inspection. The passenger will have to get the KTMB MobTicket printed at the KTMB ticket counter by giving a reference number or an ID number of the ticket to the staff at the ticket counter. This ticket must be in the possession of the passenger and produced for inspection at the departure point and on board the train.
  • Steps to Login to KTMB MobTicket
    First Time User If you are a first time user of KTMB MobTicket or e-Ticket, you are required to register your personal details in order to access e-Ticket User Login to KTMB MobTicket using the same username and password for login to e-Ticket.
  • What happens if I have forgotten my password?
    You may retrieve the passwords using the following steps: Surf the KTMB website and click on the e-Ticket menu Click the “forgot password” and fill in the email address that has been registered The password can be retrieved from the feedback that will be sent to you via the registered email.
  • How do we check the transaction history?
    The Transaction History can be viewed under e-Ticket only.
  • Can the KTMB MobTicket registration be made using the same username and password as the e-Ticket?

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