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  • What is Ladies Coach?
    Ladies Coach is a coach specially reserved for lady passengers as an option when using KTM Komuter Service.
  • What is the purpose of the Ladies?
    It is for the sole purpose of providing lady commuters with a more comfortable and safe journey i.e. avoiding the risks of sexual harassment in a congested environment.
  • What are the other benefits of the Ladies Coach?
    Apart from reduced risks of sexual harassment it also has reduced complaints on pick pocketing on board the train and also helps ease off direct contact with members of the opposite sex making the ride more comfortable and stress free.
  • Where is the Ladies Coach situated?
    The Ladies Coach is the two coaches situated in the middle of each KTM Komuter train set, i.e. coach numbers 3 & 4 / C & D.
  • When is the Ladies Coach available?
    The Ladies Coach is available at all times inclusive of weekends and public holidays.
  • Who may board the Ladies Coach?
    All lady passengers of any age and boys below the age of 12 accompanied by a female guardian / relative can board and ride on the Ladies Coach.
  • How could passengers differentiate between the Ladies Coach and a normal coach?
    The Ladies Coach is identified through special stickers on doors and windows of the 2 middle coaches in the interior as well as the exterior of the coach.
  • What can female passengers do if male passengers are on board the Ladies Coach?
    Lady passengers are required to give their full cooperation. Approach the male passengers politely and ask them to switch to the normal coach.
  • What is required if the Ladies Coach is congested?
    For safety reasons, female passengers are advised to board Ladies Coach. If the Ladies Coach is congested, please board the normal coaches (coach A, B, E & F) or wait for the next train.
  • What is the option of traveling with a family/ companion/ friends?
    You may apply one of these options: a) Board the normal coach with family members / companion / friends; or b) Female passengers and boys below the age of 12 years may travel on board the Ladies Coach. c) Male family members / companion / friends may board normal coaches whilst lady family members board the Ladies Coach – temporary separation
  • Do you want to share your opinion or feedback about Ladies' Coach?
    Please send feedback to callcenter@ktmb.com.my, tweet us at @ktmkomuter or contact the KTMB Call Centre at 03 – 2267 1200.

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