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  • What is KTM Komuter?
    KTM Komuter is the first electrified commuter train service in Malaysia. It was introduced in 1995 in order to provide suburban railway services that cover the city center and suburban areas. It is a popular mode of transport for the people in the Klang Valley to commute to Kuala Lumpur City Center. Passengers can rest in the comfort of modern coaches while being taken to their destinations at very reasonable fares.
  • What route does the KTM Komuter take, what area does it cover?
    KTM Komuter presently offers services between- *Klang Valley (i. Batu Caves – Seremban ii. Rawang – Pelabuhan Klang iii. Tanjung Malim – Rawang shuttle service) *Southern (i. Seremban – Gemas shuttle service) *Northern (i. Kamunting – Butterworth ii. Butterworth – Gemas iii. Butterworth – Padang Besar)
  • How many stations are there within the KTM Komuter network?
    There are 77 KTM Komuter stations as follows- *Klang Valley (53 stations) *Southern(6 stations) *Northern(18 stations)
  • Where can passengers get more info about the KTM Komuter services?
    The quickest way to get in touch with us is via twitter @ktmkomuter or the call centre at 03 2267 1200
  • What is the frequency of all KTM Komuter trains?
    The frequency of all commuter trains during the peak and off-peak hours is as follows: *Pelabuhan Klang - Seremban(15 minutes peak hour-30 minutes off peak) *Seremban - Gemas (30 minutes peak hour-1 hour 30 min off peak) *Pelabuhan Klang - Rawang (15 minutes peak hour-30 minutes off peak) *Rawang - Tanjung Malim (30 minutes peak hour-1 hour 30 min off peak) *Kamunting – Butterworth (60 minutes peak hour-2 hour off peak) *Butterworth – Gurun (60 minutes peak hour-2 hour off peak) *Butterworth – Padang Besar (3 hour peak hour 3 hour off peak)
  • Are there feeder buses & taxis at the stations?
    All major stations are provided with feeder buses & taxis
  • Where can I get KTM Komuter train timetables?
    Train timetables are available on our website at www.ktmb.com.my
  • Does KTM Komuter have a hotline or call center number?
    Yes, please call our call center at 03 2267 1200
  • Can Touch & Go cards be used on KTM Komuter?
    Yes, you can use the Touch & Go. All stations are equipped with Touch & Go facilities.
  • The duration on KTM Komuter for the following routes is as follows:
    *Seremban to Kuala Lumpur(1 hour and 30 minutes) *Klang to Kuala Lumpur(1 hour) *Batu Caves to Kuala Lumpur(30 minutes) *Rawang to Kuala Lumpur(1 hour and 15 minutes) *Tanjung Malim to Kuala Lumpur(1 hour and 40 minutes) *Tampin / Pulau Sebang to Kuala Lumpur(1 hour and 45 minutes) *Kamunting to Butterworth(1 hour) *Butterworth to Gurun(48 minutes) *Butterworth to Padang Besar (1 hours 45 minutes)
  • Does KTM Komuter have interchange stations linking to other bus and rail operators?
    Yes, KTM Komuter is linked to the following interchange stations: *KL Sentral for KTM Intercity ( RapidKL Kelana Jaya Line / KL Monorail / ERL ) *Bandar Tasik Selatan ( RapidKL Ampang Line / ERL / TBS – BTS ) *Bank Negara ( RapidKL Ampang Line ) *Setia Jaya ( Bus Rail Transit ,BRT )
  • Can arrangements for group travel be made on KTM Komuter?
    Yes, our marketing team will be happy to provide and assist you with information on this matter. Please call 03 – 22798843 or visit KTM Komuter office on Level 4, KL Sentral Station.

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