Mobile Ticket

Book your train ticket now with our new mobile application.

What is KTMB MobTicket?

KTMB MobTicket is a mobile application used for the purchase of tickets for train services of the National Railways (Malaysia) namely KTM Intercity and ETS. This is made possible by using an application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone or any gadget used for communication that has an Anroid and IOS software system.

How to Upload the KTMB MobTicket application?

Android System - Locate KTMB MobTicket App at Playstore - Upload the application onto the smartphone IOS System - Locate KTMB MobTicket App at Appstore - Upload the application onto the smartphone.

How is the KTMB MobTicket reservation made?

Step 1 : Download the KTMB MobTicket App from Playstore for smartphone (Android) and from Appstore for i-phone users.
Step 2 : Register as User by following the steps required Step
3: Make the ticket purchase using the steps given
Step 4: Make payment using the Visa or Master credit card or using direct banking
Step 5: Save the purchased ticket to the smartphone
Step 6: Logout once transaction is complete

What is the difference between the KTMB MobTicket and the Regular/Conventional Ticket?

Unlike the regular/conventional ticket, the KTMB MobTicket is an authentic ticket that is automatically downloaded onto a smartphone and can be stored as a document (pdf/jpeg) and this can be displayed on the smartphone screen or any other gadget i.e. tablet, laptop or other forms of communication tools that have a screen that supports an Android and IOS software system. The KTMB MobTicket does not have to be printed as in the case of the regular/conventional ticket that is purchased at ticket counters, through telephone booking or through the web. The Mobile ticket is accepted as an authentic ticket at the departure point and on board the train when checked by the train crew.