The town of Butterworth is known to be a popular transit point for many who wish to travel to the island of Penang. Travellers frequently make a stop at this town in order to board the ferries to Penang. With the amount of travellers increasing with the completion of the KTM double tracking project, many are now engaging the ETS trains as a main mode of transportation.

Conversely, the ETS train from Butterworth to KL Sentral has become a popular route as well. The West Coast Line is populated with many popular locations such as Ipoh, Padang Besar and Butterworth. From travellers wishing to visit KL, to those who have finished touring around Penang; this route is almost always busy throughout the year.


The dazzling lights of Kuala Lumpur make the city skyline a breathtaking view. An urbanite’s paradise, the city has earned a reputation for its busy urban lifestyle. From luxurious hotels to chic uptown boutiques, millions of travelers both local and abroad visit the city every year. Travelling via our ETS train coaches ensure that your trip to KL will be a quick and comfortable one.

If you too wish to travel by ETS train from Butterworth to KL Sentral, you can now do so with our convenient online ticketing platform or simply visit any of our main KTMB counters. Being a busy route, do make advanced bookings especially if you are planning on travelling during busy festive seasons.

Type of Ticket Duration Booking
ETS Platinum -(EP) 4h 27m Make A Booking
ETS Gold -(EG) 4h 28m Make A Booking
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