Malaysians have always enjoyed an accessible and comprehensive public transportation system. The ETS service has always been the go to choice for comfortable and fast long distance travelling. The Ipoh railway station was first built in 1917 which makes it one of the oldest stations in the country. Serving locals and travellers alike, the station has gone through plenty of renovation and is now part of the Ipoh heritage trail.

The ETS route from Ipoh to KL is very popular with a fair amount of travellers annually. Passengers wishing to travel along this route will board the ETS train at the Ipoh railway station and arrive at KL Sentral.


Filled to the brim with countless shopping malls, entertainment outlets, dining establishments and tourist attractions, it is not surprising that the national capital of Malaysia enjoys millions of visitors every year. KL Sentral is the main public transportation hub in the city that serves as an intermodal platform. Travellers will be able to get access to the city’s public transportation system. Other than being a transport hub, the station is also integrated with a shopping complex which provides additional options for travellers making a stop in the city. The surrounding development also makes it a prime location as a commercial and economic centre.

For travellers wanting to visit the city via ETS, you can always purchase your tickets through our convenient online e-ticketing platform or mobile application. Advanced bookings are recommended during holiday seasons and you can always refer to the ETS train schedule from Ipoh to KL Sentral for more information.

Type of Ticket Duration Booking
ETS Platinum -(EP) 2h 43m Make A Booking
ETS Gold -(EG) 2h 50m Make A Booking
ETS Silver -(ES) 3h 00m Make A Booking
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