Being a capital city of the state of Perak, it is no surprise that Ipoh welcomes travellers both local and abroad. The city of Ipoh holds a special place among Malaysians due to its unique geographical structure. The surrounding area of Ipoh is populated with numerous natural formations of limestone hills and caves. These unique locales have become a distinct landmark of Ipoh. These natural formations have become host to many attractions such as cave exploring and also being used as religious sites. Currently, travellers can take the ETS from KL Sentral to Ipoh for a fast and comfortable trip.

The KL Sentral to Ipoh train operates along the West Coast Line on electrified double tracks. This ensures high speed travel while modern coaches enable passengers to stay in relative comfort.


Other than unique natural limestone formations, Ipoh is also famous for offering some of the best food available. There is something about those old streets and good food which exudes a rustic charm that attracts foodies all over the country. Besides, you can also find theme parks that offer fun for the entire family. The Lost World of Tambun and Ipoh Train Station are both excellent family excursion locations.

With good food and a variety of attraction spots, it is no wonder that the city is a popular choice among travellers. For those who wish to experience Ipoh for themselves, book your ETS from KL Sentral to Ipoh tickets now via our online platform. Do make your bookings early especially during holiday seasons as the West Coast Line is in popular demand during festive periods.

Type of Ticket Duration Booking
ETS Platinum -(EP) 2h 29m Make A Booking
ETS Gold -(EG) 2h 40m Make A Booking
ETS Silver -(ES) 2h 50m Make A Booking
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