As one of the most popular routes around, the Kuala Lumpur to Singapore train is almost always in popular demand. Travelling to another country like Singapore has never been easier nowadays. Despite the ETS from KL to Singapore train tracks are still a part of a planned expansion project; travellers can still take the ETS to Gemas and then hop on to a shuttle train service to JB Sentral.

With both cities being major tourist destinations, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore are both some of the most modern cities in the region. Being also a neighbouring country, Malaysians often flock to Singapore as a quick getaway especially during holiday seasons.


Over the years, Singapore has undergone a massive modernisation that makes it one of the most global cities in the world. With groundbreaking architecture and a solid booming economy, it is no wonder that Singapore ranks as one of the top urban cities to travel to. Iconic structures such as the Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Gardens by the Bay are renowned throughout the world. With such convenience offered by the Kuala Lumpur to Singapore train; it is no wonder that many Malaysian travellers take this opportunity to visit Singapore.

For travellers who wish to travel by ETS from KL to Singapore, check out our train from KL to Singapore schedule and make your ticket purchase at all mainline KTMB stations or through our easy-to-use online platform. However, travellers are advised to plan their trips accordingly to avoid conflicting train schedules. Early ticket bookings are also recommended especially during festive seasons as the train route could be in high demand.

Origin - Destination Type of Ticket Duration Booking
KL Sentral - Gemas ETS Gold -(EG) 2h 34m Make A Booking
Gemas - JB Sental Shuttle -(Superior Class) 4h 36m Make A Booking
JB Sentral - Woodlands Singapore Shuttle 0h 05m Make A Booking
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