Woodlands is a residential township situated in the northern region of Singapore and it lies near to the Malaysia border. Being known as Singapore’s Northern Gateway, Woodlands is well-developed with extensive transport connections, entertainment venues as well as commercial premises, along with an abundance of businesses opportunities, making it an ideal destination to live, work and play.

Due to its close proximity to Johor Bahru, or more commonly known as JB, Woodlands is frequently visited by Johoreans and people from different states. Instead of going through the peak-hour traffic congestion, why not consider travelling via KTM train? To date, the KTM train from JB Sentral to Woodlands is one of the most convenient ways for commuting between these two countries.

By taking the KTM trains from JB Sentral to Woodlands, passengers can enjoy a more comfortable travel experience. Moreover, the train takes only 5 minutes to travel from JB Sentral to Woodlands, which significantly cut down the travel time.


Despite being a cross-border travel, the price of the train tickets from JB to Woodlands only cost RM 5. Besides, passengers can now purchase the train ticket from the KTM ticket counters or through our online e-ticketing platform to avoid the long queues. Our simple and user-friendly online ticketing platform enables passengers to secure their seats in just a few clicks. Being a very popular destination, passengers are advised to purchase the train ticket in advance so as to avoid any disappointment.

Origin - Destination Type of Ticket Duration Booking
Shuttle JBS - WOODLANDS Shuttle 0h 05m Make A Booking
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