Intercity Routes In Malaysia

The KTM Intercity has long been the de facto train service in Malaysia. With a fleet of diesel-hauled intercity trains, the service has been reliably serving passengers. The Intercity route map spans both the East and West Coast Main Line. Most Northern destinations on the West Coast Line had been progressively taken over by ETS service.

As of now, the KTM Intercity is the only train service that transports passengers from Tumpat to Johor Bahru Sentral. Any passengers wishing to travel by train to the Southern and Eastern States of Malaysia will be able to do so with Intercity. Other than that, the KTM Intercity route map enables passengers to travel across the border to Singapore with the availability of a shuttle train service.

Popular Intercity Routes From South

  • Johor Bahru to Woodlands
  • Johor Bahru to Segamat
  • Johor Bahru to Gemas
  • Gemas to KL
  • Gemas to Mentakab
  • Gemas to Jerantut
  • Gemas to Kuala Lipis
  • Gemas to Gua Musang
  • Gemas to Krai
  • Gemas to Tanah Merah
  • Gemas to Pasir Mas
  • Gemas to Wakaf Baharu
  • Gemas to Tumpat

Popular Intercity Routes To South

Intercity Routes Map In Malaysia

Looking for the Intercity service route/map? Check out the intercity route & map throughout Malaysia and the station in between from our website.

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