The state capital of Seremban has enjoyed a long history. Seremban was initially established as a tin mining area just like many other towns in Malaysia back then. The abundance of tin ore alongside the multiple rivers that acted as transportation outlets back then made Seremban a major player in the tin mining scene. Other than that, businesses also flourished which meant more taxes are being contributed towards the town’s development. Currently, Seremban stands as one of the most attractive townships for those wanting to experience the urban lifestyle.

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With Negeri Sembilan inheriting Minangkabau influences, Seremban naturally becomes the main hub of Minangkabau culture as well. When in Seremban, you will see influences of the culture in many buildings. They are depicted in slanting roof structures that resemble buffalo horns. Other than that, the town is also famous for its Seremban Siew Pau – a type of flaky pastry that contains savoury meat fillings. Minangkabau dishes and Nasi Padang are also some of the well-known dishes in Seremban. Aside from delicious food, travellers also visit the various tourist attractions available. The Seremban Square, Ostrich Farm, State Museum and Seremban Lake Gardens are just some of the many popular spots in town.

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