Introduced in 1995, the KTM services have been the backbone behind Klang Valley’s public transportation circuit. Serving Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding suburban areas of the Klang Valley, the service has benefited countless passengers ever since its inception. As an effort towards continual improvement, the KTM lines have even been equipped with newer trains so that passengers get to travel between locations quicker and in comfort as well.

Being state capital of Negeri Sembilan, Seremban is one of the most populous towns in the state. Being roughly 70km away from bustling Kuala Lumpur, one would have to endure a 40 minute drive in order to visit the metropolis. Alternatively, passengers can simply hop on the KOMUTER from Seremban to KL for a quick ride.


Millions of travellers flock to Kuala Lumpur for its modern and urban appeal. Being among the most densely populated areas of Malaysia, rapid development and urbanization has made Kuala Lumpur a prime location for many. Attracted by countless shopping malls, dining establishments and entertainment outlets, Kuala Lumpur attracts travellers both local and foreign. With the KOMUTER from Seremban to KL, passengers are given a convenient option to travel between both cities in comfort. Why go through all the hassle and traffic jams when you can travel in comfort?

Zero traffic congestion, comfort, speed – if those words appeal to you, then you should definitely consider taking the KOMUTER whenever you wish to visit Kuala Lumpur from Seremban. Do check out the KOMUTER train schedule from Seremban to KL so that you are able to plan your travel schedule in advance.

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