Frequently Asked Questions

KTM Komuter Services

What is KTM Komuter?

KTM Komuter is the first electrified commuter train service in Malaysia. It was introduced in 1995 in order to provide suburban railway services that cover the city center and suburban areas. It is a popular mode of transport for the people in the Klang Valley to commute to Kuala Lumpur City Center. Passengers can rest in the comfort of modern coaches while being taken to their destinations at very reasonable fares.

The service was later introduced to the northern Peninsular Malaysia states of Kedah, Perak and Pulau Pinang in September 2015 after the completion of the Ipoh-Padang Besar Electrification and Double-Tracking Project.

In October 2015, services to the southern sector were introduced to cover services between Seremban to Pulau Sebang (Tampin) after the completion of the Seremban - Gemas Electrification and Double-Tracking Project.

What route does the KTM Komuter take, what area does it cover?

KTM Komuter presently offers services between:

Klang Valley & Southern (TOTAL OF 55 STATIONS) : Batu Caves – Pulau Sebang & Tanjung Malim – Pelabuhan Klang.

Northern routes (TOTAL OF 20 STATIONS): Padang Rengas – Butterworth & Butterworth – Padang Besar

What is the currency used for all transactions?

All prices for tickets and other items, are in MYR

Where can passengers get more info about the KTM Komuter services?

The quickest way to get in touch with us is via our Facebook & Twitter @ktm_berhad or call the KTMB Call Centre at +603-2267 1200

Where can I get the KTM Komuter train timetables?

Komuter routes map are available Here!

Check out more details info about KTM Komuter timetables Here!

Can Touch & Go cards be used on KTM Komuter?

Yes, you can use the Touch & Go. All stations are equipped with Touch & Go facilities.

Does KTM Berhad have its own Stored Value Card?

Yes, it is called the Komuter Link Card. Komuter Link Cards for Adults, Students, Senior Citizens and the Disabled are available at the KTM Komuter ticket counters.

Does KTM Komuter have interchange stations linking to other bus and rail operators?

Yes, KTM Komuter is linked to the following interchange stations:

KL Sentral - ETS, Skypark Link (Subang Airport), LRT Rapid KL, MRT, KL Monorail, KLIA Express, KLA Transit

Kuala Lumpur - LRT Rapid KL, MRT

Bandar Tasik Selatan - LRT Rapid KL, KLIA Transit, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS – Bus Terminal)

Bank Negara - Rapid KL (LRT Ampang Line)

Setia Jaya - Bus Rail Transit (BRT)

Subang Jaya - LRT Rapid KL

Sungai Buloh - MRT

Kajang – MRT

Can arrangements for group travel be made on KTM Komuter?

Yes, our marketing team will be happy to provide and assist you with information on this matter. Please call +603–22798843 or visit:

KTM Komuter office on Level 4, KL Sentral Station.

Can arrangements for group travel be made on KTM Komuter?

Yes, our marketing team will be happy to provide and assist you with information on this matter. Please call 03 – 22798843 or visit:

KTM Komuter office on Level 4, KL Sentral Station.

KTM Komuter Ladies Coach

What is Ladies Coach?

Ladies Coach is a coach specially reserved for lady passengers as an option when using KTM Komuter Service.

What is the purpose of the Ladies Coach?

It provides lady commuters with a more comfortable and safe journey i.e. in avoiding the risks of sexual harassment in a congested environment.

What are the other benefits of the Ladies Coach?

Apart from reduced risks of sexual harassment it also deters pick pocketing on board the train and also helps ease-off direct contact with members of the opposite sex making the ride more comfortable and stress-free.

Where is the Ladies Coach situated?

The Ladies Coach is situated at the center of each KTM Komuter train set, i.e. coaches C & D. The Ladies Coach is available at all times inclusive of weekends and public holidays.

Who may board the Ladies Coach?

All lady passengers of any age and boys below the age of 12 accompanied by a female guardian / relative can board and ride on the Ladies Coach.

How can passengers differentiate the Ladies Coach from a normal coach?

The Ladies Coach is identified through special stickers on doors and windows as well as the interior and exterior of the two (2) coaches at the center of each train set.

What can lady passengers do if male passengers are on board the Ladies Coach?

Lady passengers may approach the male passengers politely and ask them to switch to the normal coach.

What if the Ladies Coach is congested?

If the Ladies Coach is congested, lady passengers can choose to board the normal coaches i.e. coaches A, B, E & F.

What are the options available when travelling with family/ companion/ friends?

You may apply one of the following options:

a) Board the normal coach with family members / companion / friends; or

b) Lady passengers and boys below the age of 12 years may travel on board the Ladies Coach.

c) Male family members / companion / friends may board normal coaches whilst lady family members board the Ladies Coach – temporary separation

Would you like to share your opinion or give us some feedback about Ladies Coach?

Please email to us at, tweet us at @ktm_berhad or contact the KTMB Call Centre at +603–2267 1200.