Onboard Facilities

Comfortable, clean & safe

Superior Night Sleep

With a capacity of 40 beds up and down as well as toilet facilities are provided in each coach. For individuals or groups that made the trip, coaches are coaches that are very suitable for use.

Aircond Premier Class

Three abreast seating and ample space to give you maximum comfort on longer trips and with toilet facilities are provided in each coach provides more comfort for long trips.

Aircond Superior Class

These coaches have the number of seats of the 60 seats and with ample space and toilets provided in each coach allows long trips do not feel.

Aircond Economy Class

Coach has 74 seats. for those with a minimal budget, this coach is in accordance with pliers additional toilet facilities are provided.

Aircond Superior Class

This coach has 60 seats, Serving southern line ( Pulau Sebang/Tampin - JB Sentral ).