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KTM Kargo provides cargo services that are safe and reliable, with a network that is highly accessible form seaports and inland Container Depot (ICD) as well as urban and rural areas, it is a cost-effective way to move you goods. Our cargo services are suitable for high-risk material, as it comes complete with insurance coverage.

We have a variety of wagons to suit your cargo needs. Generally, cargo is moved either in open or covered wagons. However, in the future, all covered wagons will be replaced with containers to allow flexibility in the sense that the goods can be dismounted from the train and delivered directly to the customers’ premises thus, living up to the concept of door-to-door delivery.

Routes Path...

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KTM Kargo map route

  • Padang Besar - Tanjung Malim
  • Port Klang Terminal
    • - North Port
    • - West Port
    • - South Port
  • Pasir Gudang Terminal
  • Johor Port
  • Port Of Tanjong Pelepas
  • Inland Ports
    • - Ipoh Inland Ports
    • - Nilai Inland Ports
    • - Segamat Inland Ports

Service available in KTM Kargo..

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  • Containerised Cargo Services. Below are services provided:
    • South Thai Cargo (STC)
    • Inter Terminal Transfer
    • Landfeeder
    • Landbridge

  • Conventional Cargo Services Below are services provided:
    • YTL Cement Sdn Bhd
    • Negeri Sembilan Cement Industries Sdn Bhd (CIMA)
    • Lafarge Malaysia Berhad
    • Tasek Corporation Berhad
    • Petronas Fertilizer (Kedah) Sdn Bhd (PFK)
    • Malaysian Sugar Manufacturing (MSM)

Landbridge Services...

Landbridge Services Picture

The Landbridge Services is a services that train load of containers made its way from Setia Jaya (Sg. Way), Selangor to Bangsue, Thailand.Landbridge Services also a testimony of KTM Berhad’s commitment towards the setting up of the Trans-Asia Rail Link, the proposed connection that has the potential to strengthen and enhance trade between Asean and China.

Moving Capacity

Through the service, a total of 80 TEUS/40 wagons of cargo can be moved per trip, with an average of 4,500 TEUS monthly. Cargoes normally transported using this service include steel, chemical, gypsum boards, machinery, electronic products and consumer goods.

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KTM Berhad has also established connections with other container terminals by having rail links to their depots. The terminal include:

  • Padang Besar Terminal (PBT)
  • Butterworth Container Depot (BWCT)
  • Ipoh Cargo Terminal (ICT)
  • Segamat Inland Port (SIP)
  • Pasir Gudang Terminal(PGT)

Other terminal :

  • North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT)
  • Klang Container Terminal (NPB)
  • North Port KTMB Line No. 9 (KTMB)
  • Multi Modal Freight Services, Prai (Old Yard)
  • Multi Modal Freight Services, Prai (New Yard)
  • Port of Tanjung Pelepas
  • Kontena Nasional Inland Clearance Depot (KNICD), Setia Jaya